Four Tips for Protecting Your Healthcare Information - Think your healthcare information is always confidential? Unfortunately, it ain't necessarily so.

Enter the Serpent Notes on the Ascendency of China - The many recent books and commentary extolling China?s lightening fast economic climb are right about the nature of China?s spectacular rise and how the outside world is making it happen.

Relationships Handbook How to be a Good Enemy - Can you think of having a good enemy in your relationships? If you need to fight with someone, what kind of response from this person is best for you? Let's think of what it means to do battle with a "good enemy".

Playing The Routine It Will Amuse You Too - Have you ever noticed how powerful it is to have routines? For someone like me, who loves variety in everything, the only way I can have a routine it is if it a game that I can play.

Jack Canfields Success Principles - I?ve learned about the success principles from Jack Canfield.

Hydropower As An Energy Platform - Much like solar and wind power, hydropower has been a constant energy source for man.

I Like FourLetter Words - October 21, 1970.

Dismiss Your Doubts - Everyone wants to succeed but many are held back by their doubts.

Stress A Natural Response - From the time of the first human beings, stress has been with us.

Peak Oil Proof That It Is Imminent - Recently I was exposed to the concept of peak oil.

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