New Old

by Peter O. Whiteley

In the added master bedroom and bathroom, the trough sink, horizontal boards for the walls, and interior glass door are recycled. For maximum energy efficiency, windows are double-glazed and argon gas-filled. [ more ]

Reuse, recycle, remodel

by Peter O. Whiteley

A flatbed truck pulling out of Hayward lumberyard in Salinas, California, carries familiar-looking building materials--siding, insulation, studs, and beams--destined for a home construction site. But something is different. [ more ]

California dreaming:

by Jackie Gobano

The Golden State may have a laid-back reputation, but make no mistake--recycling is serious business in California. The state boasts one of the strongest, strictest commitments to municipal recycling in the nation. [ more ]

Owner, supplier, manufacturer cooperate to recycle ceiling tiles

Business Owner Management

Home to 8,000 employees in four buildings in Washington, D.C., the World Bank replaces about 50,000 square feet of acoustical tile each year as part of renovations and staff relocations. [ more ]

Washwater Recycle System offers closed loop solution.

Business News Network

Suited for rental facilities without access to sanitary sewer, WLP series Wash-Water Recycle System features 304 stainless steel 3-chamber tank with oil coalescing grids, sloped bottom for handling solids, and 3/4 hp sump pump. [ more ]