Old the phone

by Amanda C. Kooser


Your options for recycling computer equipment have increased over the past couple of years. One piece of hardware that tends to slip through the cracks, though, is your old cell phone. [ more ]

Mixed opportunities

by Sharyn Dickerson

Athens-Clarke County is the third city-county in the state of Georgia to unify. We used to have a county landfill and the city Sanitation Department. [ more ]

Maintaining your recover, recycle and recharge equipment

by Motor Age

Recovery, Recycle, and Recharge machines are built to provide years of reliable service. However, it is an electro-mechanical device and as such does require routine maintenance. [ more ]

What's my motivation?

by Jackie Gubeno

Hundreds of factors weigh into everyday company decisions. From personnel and policy issues to expenses and investments, businesses are constantly faced with choices large and small. [ more ]

New plant will recycle 500,000 CRTs a year

by Penny Williams

Citiraya Recycling Technology has invested 1 million [pounds sterling] in the site, which is claimed to be the first in the UK to use laser separation technology to recycle glass from cathode ray tubes (CRTs). [ more ]

Starbucks to add 10% recycle content in cups

Pulp and Paper

Millions of paper cups used annually at the U.S. coffeehouses of the world's largest coffee chain, Starbucks Coffee Co., will contain 10% recycled material starting next this year-the first such product approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). [ more ]