Dismiss Your Doubts

Everyone wants to succeed but many are held back by their doubts. Every time they make big plans their negative feelings prevent them from proceeding. There is a solution to this problem.

Doubts must be dealt with and removed from the mind to prevent them from haunting us. This article may be published if the resource box is left intact.Before anything worthwhile can be accomplished there must be a purpose to proceed.

Action is determined by thoughts. Thoughts are directed by intention. It follows that if there is no purpose set, dreams cannot be accomplished.Doubts and negative thoughts are the stumbling blocks to purpose.

With every goal set, there can be thoughts that it cannot be done. Goals point one way; doubts propel you in the other direction. You head toward your goal and are ambushed by doubts. In effect you become your own worst enemy. You are caught between two forces that shove you back and forth between two extremes. How can you reach the top of the ladder when you keep being put down by your own doubts?.

The answer lies in your thoughts. You must harness them to control your actions. You become what you think about. Since doubts are opposite to goals, you must learn to eliminate the most unreasonable one.Failing to control thoughts forces you to play mental ping-pong, considering first one end of the spectrum and then the other. You must decide to proceed with your goal and discard your doubts first, to eliminate this confusion.

Investigate both your goal and your doubts. Is your goal reachable? If it is too high, lower it until it is obtainable. Do your doubts have merit? Are they more reasonable than your goal? Negative feelings can help you discover your flaws, but after correcting them, doubts must be removed from your mind. If your goal is more reasonable than your negative thoughts, thank your doubts for their concern, and dismiss them.

Even if you can't reach your goal, you can certainly get to a higher level with it than without it. Small dreams do not have the capacity to stir your soul. Set them high to enjoy the feeling of soaring.

Even if you have to settle for something less than planned for, your momentum will eventually carry you higher if you keep your spirits high.To feel fulfilled you must have an overall purpose in life. What is the one thing that matters most to you? Is it to make a lot of money? Is it to have your own business? It is probably something that you always wanted to do. After you determine your main purpose, then set short and long time goals to reach it. Failing to pursue your passion will leave you unfulfilled and the world would never see your true talents.

Before you can reach any goal you must investigate your doubts and determine if they have merit. It is not wrong to have doubts, but you must take whatever steps are necessary to satisfy them so that you can dismiss them and move forward toward your goal. Only after you have addressed your negative concerns, can you put them out of your mind.After considering the options and consulting whatever knowable advice available, you must feel deeply in your heart that you can make a wise decision. Only then, can you achieve stability so you can reach your goals.Goals must be well planned and written down.

Timetables and methods of obtaining success must be set. Big things are accomplished by doing small things in logical order. Implementing a series of bite-sized reasonable steps will eliminate most of the tensions and frustrations. If you do not carefully lay out small steps, the goal will seem so unreachable that you would probably be overwhelmed and give up.


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By: Lynn Bradley


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