The Importance of Effective Communication Throughout Our Life Time

Communication how important it is to all humans. Since the moments of our existence we communicate our wants and needs. This is shown in verbal and nonverbal ways.

A word does not even need to exist for others to know what we need.As we age our phonemes (sounds) are made into words, sentences, and then conversations. Unfortunately due to a birth defect, trauma, or a hearing challenge (multiple ear infections) hinders our ability to effectively develop verbal communication.The ages of 2-6 are great times to intervene with communication. The progress you see in a child who has communication therapy is amazing.

With the families help with carrying over the homework assignments really aids in the child's progress.Specialists are then needed to aid in our challenge. Speech and Language Pathologists and Audiologists assist in the person next step towards achieving the most effective form of communication.This all takes time to achieve good communication skills. It does not happen over night.

Usually, 6 months to years of therapy are needed by individuals and their families.Praise yourself for seeking out communication help. The sooner help or resources are located the sooner the person is able to communicate more effectively.

Something to always keep in mind reading is such an important way for humans to keep their minds sharp and healthy. I have noticed through my 11 years of providing therapy, that if an individual has been an avid reader most of his/her life, he/she really progress in therapy after trauma to the brain.Thank you for your time and I hope that you and your loved ones have effective communication.


Chelsea Sargent MA, CCC/SLP My Speech World.For more information, resources, helpful products please visit ==>

By: Chelsea Sargent


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