I Like FourLetter Words

October 21, 1970.It seems to be the fashion these days for some young folks to lecture their elders with naughty four-letter words.However, not many are listening because the vocabulary is saturated with toilet words from the medieval Anglo-Saxon days.The supposed shock value of vulgar talk has become merely boredom.The "shouters" have turned off the "deciders" and "doers" of society with their intemperate language.

The "persuaders" have been driven in self defense to polysyllabic rejoinders.On the whole, I like four letter words.Assuming "dialog" really is the "in thing", I have some significant four-letter words worthy of consideration by concerned youth.I would start with WORK because this is the purpose of man.

Everything we accomplish comes only from lots of personal sweat. A man must work, or wither and die - in body and in spirit. The problems of our time - as in the past - will be helped by work, not by wishful thinking or non-negotiable demands that others do better.With work will come the great forces that shape our lives to a destiny above that of animals. Foremost of these is the LORD who speaks to us through religion, regardless of denomination. Of all the creatures on Earth only man comprehends the meaning of creation, purpose and immortality.

The rational system of the universe is convincing proof of God and the existence of His PLAN. Though we understand His WILL imperfectly, we know instinctively that we must try to know it and OBEY it.The HOME still is the basic unit of society. Urbanization has decreased the size of families, but it has increased the NEED for personal relationships.

A BABY requires as much tenderness today as yesterday. A MAMA and a PAPA are still essential in Nature's scheme of things. Whether rich or poor, they sacrifice much and deserve a lifetime of respect from their children.I submit that no one is too sophisticated, too disillusioned, too bitter to honor the FLAG of our country. It is the symbol of the people - not of the "establishment", or a policy, or any particular office holder. It stands for all citizens collectively.

To spit on it is to spit on me and you. To salute it is to declare allegiance to a FREE people working for a JUST society. To burn a flag is a true act of anarchy because it rejects the citizenry. Americans - as a people - do work effectively for brotherhood, justice and peace. When this symbol of "power to the people" is paraded I get a tingle because I am reminded of the GOOD in all of us that transcends institutions.If the system of representative government seems inadequate at times it is our right to dissent within the generous opportunities furnished by our tradition and Constitution.

Our DUTY to our country is to defend it in time of danger and improve it in time of peace. To succeed we must determine what contentions are TRUE and support only those. We try to make peaceful change with our VOTE and settle disputes by JURY.The force that comes out of a BOOK is prerequisite to a useful and happy LIFE. Education teaches us how to benefit from the past and apply facts toward achieving a better future.

To KNOW is to HOPE, and hope is the spark-plug of civilization's engine. Herbert G. Wells, the historian, said "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

" The mad-dog violence that troubles our schools today could be a sign that humanity is losing the race. The best opportunity to affect significant change is provided by the schools. Unless we know history we are doomed to relive it.Finally, I recommend some four-letter words that give special meaning to all the rest.

Be KIND to one another - those older and those younger, those of different skin color, those of different faith. Diversity is the joy of living. Be GLAD of our differences and avoid stereotypes. CARE for the problems of others, and GIVE of yourself to all worthy causes, avoiding as negative that useless four-letter word "anti.

" When we learn to HELP we enter the state of LADY and GENT, a quality of character that makes cooperation possible.Put it all together and you have true LOVE.


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By: Lindsey Williams


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