Playing The Routine It Will Amuse You Too

Have you ever noticed how powerful it is to have routines? For someone like me, who loves variety in everything, the only way I can have a routine it is if it a game that I can play.Children and animals love to play the routine games. The good thing about it is that, not only you amuse yourself as well, but you also create bonds with them.I will tell you about my kitty Zeh. Zeh loves to go outside using his flap door, through the garage. Now, every time he wants back in, he doesn't use the same door.

He climbs on the windowsill of my office and looks at me.I go to the window, open it and in he comes. I pet him when I open the window. Then he goes to the floor, rolls back and forth, cover his eyes with his paws and then stretches his whole body, belly up, waiting for me to pet him again.

I give him a good petting and come back to my chair at the computer. Zeh goes out again. Ten minutes later, he is back.

And we re-start the process. Sometimes he takes longer to come back. Sometimes he comes back every hour.

Sometimes I forget to look at the window and then see him patiently waiting for me. His eyes are glued to my face, so that I will not miss him when I look out.This is a routine that he has established for me to pay attention to him.Ever noticed that babies do the same? They love this game. They throw something on the floor over and over and you play the game until you say "enough!" This is the easiest way of getting undivided attention, which is what they are looking for. It is disappointing to stop such an amusing activity, especially when they are getting our undivided attention.

As for me, when I play the "Routine Game" I take the opportunity to stretch as well and to give thanks for all the blessings in my life. It also lower my stress level. I love it, even if it means interrupting my work several times during the day. Why don't you try and do the same when the routine kicks in? You will love it too, I guarantee.


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By: Maria Moratto


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