What Is Your Relationship Blueprint

We are all unique individuals and as such we each have unique blueprints for everything. For the most part, they are created during our childhood and are a product of our past subconscious conditioning. We have different blueprints for success, happiness, money, love and relationships, work, school and everything inbetween. Although we have different blueprints, changing one toward a more supportive and fulfilling direction in your life will affect the others in the same way.Have you ever stopped to think what your relationship blueprint might be? If you have not yet experienced anything that even closely resembles what you would consider to be your perfect relationship and attracting the love of your life is a goal for you, it will serve you greatly figure out what it is.

This is because your relationship blueprint is the foundation from which you build your relationships.Our relationship blueprint has more control than does our conscious desire and powerfully influences who we attract and are attracted to. We must first change our blueprint if we would like to create something different than what we have been experiencing.An important step to take toward that end is to simply ask yourself what your experiences were when you were growing up concerning relationships.

Try to remember what you learned from those around you, especially your parents. In addition, you'll want to take a look at the results that you are experiencing in your relationships now.Your ultimate goal is to make sure that your relationship blueprint is conducive to attracting the love of your life so that you can experience that. You will probably discover that it's not quite there yet. Do your best to identify what the differences are between the relationships you have been experiencing and what kind of relationship you would actually like to create.You may find it helpful to write down your idea of what a perfect relationship means to you vs.

what you have been expereincing. It will remind you of what direction you want to head in and serve to motivate you towards experiencing your most compatible relationship, especially if you remember to look at it often.By just being aware of what your current relationship blueprint is and how it differs from what you would like it to be will serve you greatly in attracting the love of your life.

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Lisa Stuart.Copyright 2006 The Love Attraction Expert.


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By: Lisa Stuart


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