What is a Hurricane

Hurricanes are a name for a type of circularly rotating storm found in the Western Hemisphere. If such storms appear elsewhere they are generally called something else, such as a Typhoon or Cyclone. Recently in 2006 already Australia, which has opposite seasons from the United States was hit by a huge Tropical Cyclone named Cyclone Monica, which was a Category V Storm. The Categories are the same as those used for measuring Hurricanes by the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale.Category I Hurricanes start at 75 miles per hour sustained winds and the strongest winds are generally those in the eye wall.

If the storm is less than 75 miles per hour it would be considered a Tropical Storm. If a rotating type storm is less than a Tropical Storm it would be considered a Tropical Depression.This means as storms get bigger they start out as Tropical Depressions and then grow into Tropical Storms and once they reach over 75 Miles Per Hour sustained winds then and only then are they considered Category One Hurricanes. Hurricanes go from Category One to Category Five and there is no Category Six, but some weather researchers and scientists believe that there should be a category for Super Hurricanes like the top two Hurricanes on record, which were well over 155 miles per hour. Consider all this in 2006.


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