West Virginians Typical in Military Service

Many people sign up for military service who are in West Virginia and percentage of population wise it is a huge number indeed. In fact it is one of the most military serving states we have.West Virginians are very typical in Military Service in the United States of America. In all branches of our military and West Virginia should be recognized for such. It is so great to see such a dedicated state for so many reasons and serving in so many past and present wars.

Why is West Virginia so far ahead of other states in this regard? Well I must say I had asked myself this question one day recently. You see, last year I was in Beckly, West Virginia and met with some recruiters in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart setting up an artificial rock climbing deal and I asked one of the recruiters how many people they thought they would sign up after this visit and they said 20-30 maybe more is the usual number here.I thought wow, that is quite substantial for such a small population base there and the go to that location 6 times per year he said. One reason that I believe so many people sign up for military service there is for opportunity, college and a chance to see the world.Additionally West Virginia has a military tradition that runs deep in the family lines there. They are an extremely patriotic state and all Americans should be proud of our men and women in uniform from West Virginia.

Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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