Use Symbols of Love to Stay Positive about Your Search

Sometimes it's hard to stay positive when searching for a romantic partner. You may need help to shore up your belief that you will find the right man. If you feel yourself wavering, I recommend collecting symbols of love to help remind you that love is really possible.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:.1. Find an item that says "I Believe" on it. I found a small needlepoint pillow with "I Believe" on it that I placed on my bed as a constant and positive reminder that I would achieve my goal of finding a good match. These words adorn many items such as pottery jars and small framed pictures to mention just a couple.

You'll be surprised when you start looking for an "I Believe" item at how many show up!.2. Wear a piece of jewelry that shows you are someone who is loved and cherished. I choose a heart-shaped diamond pendant to help me feel loved. To me, wearing this necklace demonstrated to the world that someone cherished me by giving me such a lovely gift.

Your choice doesn't have to be diamonds or heart-shaped. Think about what symbol comes to mind for you to strengthen your belief.3.

Buy yourself a card about love or marriage if that's your goal. Write a note to yourself, or to the man of your dreams and place it in clear sight on your night table or in the love corner of your home for Feng Shui benefits.Calling up feelings of love brings them into your life today and makes it feel real! Use symbols like these to reinforce your belief and firm up your conviction that you are on the path to finding the love you desire.

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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan


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