Tips for Successful Internet Dating

The at-your-fingertips availability for almost anything afforded by computers, even "meeting" new people, can be both a blessing and a curse at the same time. With computers fast becoming a staple business machine in the home and school office, millions upon millions of people the world over "cross each other's path" while surfing the net, every day.Busy legitimate singles with limited time can readily meet other singles with similar interests for friendship, dating, or commitment purposes while online. By the same token, insincere people, both male and female, easily prey on others who allow naivety to overrule common sense.Online dating can be fun.

Mr. or Ms. Right really can be found online via web site dating services, chat rooms, and other sites that help "connect" people one to another.

That's how I met my husband and best friend of eight years. So my intent is not to discredit the plausibility of Internet romance. It can be found!.I would, however like to offer sound advice on ways to keep you safe from the fraudulent few who surf the net looking for whom they can devour!.First and foremost, protect yourself by guarding personal information: your telephone number, address, the city in which you live, whether or not you live alone, where you work, where you bank, your income, etc.

As in the real world, be prudent about who you trust with private information. Common sense screams that protecting your privacy in the virtual world of the net is even more important, since you have no way of knowing who the person on the other end really is.When you seek online dating from an Internet web site source, follow the guidelines about which type of things not to share with others about yourself while at that site.

These sites have such guidelines for your safety.In particular, things such as your name, telephone number, address, and where you work should be offered only to those individuals you are sure you can trust. Make that person earn your trust over a period of time.

But even then, exercise caution and good judgment.Stop communications with anyone who pressures you for personal information, tries to trick information out of you, or who mocks or makes fun of you for being so cautious. They are only attempting to manipulate you into disclosing the information they want. Reputable contacts will understand and appreciate your caution ? especially if you are female dealing with a male.Share with other family members and friends those Internet contacts you are involved in for extended friendship or for future dating or relationship purposes. Also let the person with whom you are corresponding know that your friends and family are aware of them.

Not only will this help weed out the "insinceres," but it could help insure your safety, as well.Be responsible about romance; don't fall in love at the click of the mouse or the drop of a few flattering phrases. True intimacy and romance develop over time. Avoid the slick romantic types who whisk you away to a private chat room after just "meeting" you, to try and involve you in sexy suggestive exchanges. You can be sure you are but one of many "loves" picked for a quick, cheap thrill and that nothing long term serious will ever develop. Drop the rat before they have a chance to rattle your cage.

Be suspicious of photos offered by someone you just met, especially if they make the sender look like he or she just stepped out of a GQ or Cosmopolitan magazine, or if they are sitting behind the wheel of a brand new fireball red Lamborghini. If you fall in love, make sure it's with that person ? not a pretty face that might not belong to them, or the non existent bank account they're always bragging about.For all you know, in real life "Tom" is twice your age, has a rash on his beer gut, and was gumming his way through a bag of bargain-brand cheese puffs when he sent you the photo! Be smart; don't let cupid's arrow pierce your brain instead of your heart.If you are a female, when you do get to the point of sharing phone numbers, request that he share his first, and you call him. Be sure and use local telephone blocking techniques to prevent your telephone number from showing up on Caller ID when you make your call.

You can learn a lot about a person by the tone of their voice and voice inflections while talking. How are their communication and social skills? How readily do they respond to questions you ask on the spot: did they answer quickly and casually, or hem and haw, and stutter? Do they seem overly nervous?.Do they repeatedly try and switch the conversation back to you whenever you ask questions about them? Do they only want to provide you with their cellular number and not their home telephone number (which could suggest they are either married or already involved in a relationship)?.Pay close attention to any possible "red flags" that might signal your budding relationship is with a bozo, or worse. More than one nightmare stalking situation has resulted from "quickie" online romances.Make use of all the features on the online dating web site that aid in critiquing contacts; nearly all have bio pages on all members.

Many have live video chat rooms. If you've any specific questions, suggestions, or concerns you can contact the site's host or moderator.When and if you are ready to move past the messaging, chat room, personal e-mailing, and talking on the phone stages in the relationship, continue to use caution. Meet in a public place as opposed to giving out your address or having them pick you up. If you are a female, be sure and have a cellular phone in your purse in case you need it.

Let close friends and family members know your date's name, telephone number, exactly where you will be that night, and when you expect to be home. Better yet if you are a female, have a few friends "just happen by" the same place the two of you meet. This warns him that your personal acquaintances have seen him, and could deter any planned funky business.Common sense and slow and easy is the name of the game when it comes to Online dating.

This recipe will help insure sweet smelling ? not rotten ? romancing. Now, go and have fun!.Copyright 2006


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By: Tommy Cooper


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