The Power Of Your Thoughts

Throughout the ages mankind has attempted to control his world around him by many different means. In the physical world we have invented all kinds of ways to make our lives better. If you believe the bible then in the beginning everything was perfect, mankind was in need of nothing. God took care of everything, He provided food and not much else because there was no need for much else.

Mankind did not even need clothes. Can you imagine that, everybody going around totally naked! Anyway if we are to believe the bible, and I do by the way , I am a Christian, mankind began to look out for themselves after the story of thru fist sin. The first item they made was clothes. Thereafter we have been constantly inventing and making anything that will make life easier for ourselves, from houses to cars, boats, airplanes, microwave etc, etc. Look around you, with every glance of the eye you will see something that mankind has made in an attempt to better out lives.

That is unless you are in the middle of some untouched part of the world where man has yet to disturb and even then you are probably not naked. We must admit that as far as material things go we have come a long way. The question is, with all that we have done materially to make life better, why is it that so many people are unhappy, feel that they are not loved, many do not see any purpose in life and tragically some reach the point of ending it all in suicide.

This is the question, why?.There must be another aspect, another dimension to our lives that we need to be mindful of. This other realm is the spiritual, or the supernatural or whatever you want to call it, the realm of the mind. More and more we are beginning to realize that this world, this spiritual world, is what really controls us and all that we do is a result of what's going on in the mind. The wisdom literature of the ages all point to this fact that it is not what you have on the outside that really matters, but what you have on the inside.Eastern religions do meditation and things like yoga exercises all intended to improve your state of mind.

Christians believe in a life changing power coming from God that manifests itself from the inside out through prayer and meditation and a study of the bible. We can see that all of these religions seek to bring about change in our lives by changing our thoughts, what goes on in our minds. Quite recently I have come upon what is a new subject to me and that is the power of manifesting. This is where one zeroes in on our thought processes and literally attempts to bring about something, be it a physical item or an intangible such as wisdom for example, by using the power of our minds. Christians would call it a prayer of faith, where they believe for something and that God would bring it to pass.

It is a very interesting topic and one in which we might all benefit if we can approach this it with an open mind. No matter your religion, or your prior spiritual beliefs there may be something in manifesting for all of us.


By: Robert Williams


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