The Winning Characteristics of the Happiest Most Successful People

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Some people make living their best life and creating success look so easy, don't they? And yet, many successful people will tell you it's not actually easy for them, they just rely on their strengths to pull them forward and over the rough spots.

Below are 15 characteristics of the happiest, most successful people I know and have had the privilege of knowing. Use this list as a guide, not an end all and be all.

I doubt any one person is strong in all of these areas, but some come close.

1. Willing

Successful people are willing to dig in, do the work and learn new things. They're simply willing to do whatever it takes to create the life they want.

2. Open

Successful people are open to new ideas. They don't close themselves off from information that might help them.

3. Courageous

Often, successful people are risk-takers, but more importantly they're courageous. They tap into the courage that lives deep in them and use it to break ground, try new things and put themselves out in front.

4. Decisive

There's an old adage that says be quick to make a decision and slow to change it. Successful people do just that. They don't vacillate or sit on the fence. They decide and move forward. Indecisiveness will kill momentum.

5. Love Learning

Have you ever seen a successful person's personal library? It's usually packed full! Successful people are willing to invest in themselves, either through reading, attending seminars or workshops. They know they don't have all the answers so they seek people that have the answers they're looking for.

6. Committed

Commitment provides the fuel ? the energy ? to keep moving forward.

Successful people know what they care about and have committed themselves, on a deep level, to getting it.

7. Persistent

No such thing as "giving up" in a successful person's mind.

Just like the Energizer Bunny, they keep going and going. As they say, success is 98% showing up, 2% talent.

8. Adaptable/Flexible

Simply said, successful people go with the flow. Ride the wave. Rigidity is the kiss of death in creating anything you want.

Successful people have the ability to switch course as needed. This allows them to stay present to world around them, being more aware of opportunities as they arise.

9. Creative

We all have an innate sense to create in our lives. Successful people have learned to tap into their creative spark and do so in a way that enriches their lives and the world around them.



The happiest and most successful people usually lead well-balanced lives. They take time for their families and fun times. They celebrate the whole of their lives, not just parts of it.

11. Spiritual

Often, successful people have a deep commitment to their spiritual side.

They understand their life is so much more and the source of their power comes from a source deep within. They allow their spirits to guide them.

12. Purposeful

Living a meaningful life starts with a sense of purpose.

Successful and happy people have usually spent time considering their unique purpose in life and have taken steps to fulfill that purpose.

13. Fun-loving

Living your best life doesn't mean work, work, work! Taking time out for fun times and relaxation are important elements in creating a life that works well and feels great. Have you heard where CEO's on the coast in California have started holding board meetings? That's board like in surfboard! They meet early in the morning for some sun, sand and surf. They say it does wonders to boost creativity and gives them a fun atmosphere in which to connect with new people.

Networking at its very best!

14. Possess Clarity

To create success you need to be able to leverage your strengths. Successful people know who they are, what they want and how they're going to get it. They've learned to leverage their strengths and passions.



Success takes time to build. Successful people, who are also happy, have learned to allow the things they want to arrive in there own perfect timing. They honor the natural flow of life and seldom push to get what they want.

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By: Cari Vollmer


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