Soldier Amputees Can We ReGrow Body Parts

Growing new arms and limbs has always been something that medical scientists have wanted to do and one thing, which Sci Fi authors have discussed. After all if Starfish can do this then why not human beings? Imagine a soldier caught off guard by a roadside bomb in Iraq and he survives but ends up an amputee or double amputee when he returns state side?.It would sure be great if we could figure out a way to help them re-grown body parts. In fact this conversation recently came up with a couple of think tank folks recently when one member; Swift from Las Vegas Stated;."I finished reading the book on the human body and am amazed that I learned some things I didn't know. One thing I am curious about is children under 5, who have lost the tip of a finger can have a complete re-growth with the application of electricity to the area.

I don't think I have ever heard of such a technique, but couldn't find out exactly how much was administered and for how long. However, it certainly is another interesting way of growing back body parts.".Makes sense to me, I would suspect with a little scientific work we could get humans to re-grow whole arms, hands or additional apertures which could be used for something important or even used to hook up to machines for diagnostic work. All you need is a few of the right nerve endings and a main blood vessel and your body could communicate its every need via sensors.

This could assist in prosthesis devices and allowing the soldier to return to normal life. Consider all this in 2006..

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By: Lance Winslow


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