Seeds of Financial Success Harnessing the Power of Your Mind

What would you do with your life if you had 20 million dollars in the bank? Would you be as you are now, the same you, or would you be different? Certainly your life would change because you would be able to make new choices.Did you know that you can use the power of your mind to achieve your desires and goals? To do so, you must change your mindset. As attributed to Lisa Diane, a well-know inspirational leader, to be wealthy, you must be wealthy (in you mind), think wealthy (your thoughts form your perceptions which form your reality), speak wealthy (speak only positive thoughts), and act wealthy.Napoleon Hill spent 20 years interviewing 500 of the wealthiest people to find out what it takes to become wealthy. He interviewed notables including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and many others.

In his book "Think and Grow Rich," Hill explained the common thread among the wealthy in being able to use the power of the mind to transfer thoughts into their physical reality.You too, can use the power of your own mind to achieve your goals and desires. Apply the following rules to begin creating your own manifesting mindset:.

1) Go, see, do. Be definitive in your desires. Know explicitly what you want. Manifest the desire clearly in your mind.

2) Be patient. Believe in your desires and expect them to happen. Trust that they will happen.

But be patient.3) Feel like you have your goals and desires now. Don't just visualize your desire, feel it.4) Clear your mind.

Get rid of junky and negative thoughts and focus in a positive way on your goals and desires.5) Believe that you will get what you want. Beliefs create perceptions which create reality.

6) Use affirmations daily. An "affirmation" is "a solemn and formal declaration attesting to the truth of some matter.".7) Stay focuses on your desires. The more you visualize, feel, believe and affirm your desires (in a positive way), the more real they become.8) Be aware of your dreams.

They are reflective (although distorted) of your thoughts and emotions.9) Don't doubt. Instead be sure that you will receive your desires. Don't try to control when or how; instead, just receive your desires when they come to you.10) Clearly set your intentions.

An "intention" is "an anticipated outcome that guides your planned actions." A realized goal or desire is the result of your intentions.11) Be grateful for what you have, even before you have it.

Expect and believe that you have your desire already, and be grateful for it.12) Give to others, and in return you shall receive.You produce your own reality.

Jim McCabe.

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By: Jim McCabe


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