San Francisco Girlie Men Overdue for Another Earthquake

We all know San Francisco is over due for another very large Earthquake as is Los Angeles Area. Not a very promising thing for the topped out real estate market, but nevertheless those who live in the sunny state, know this and that is the way it is.Recently at a coffee shop a gentleman told me that he was really angry when a City Council person in the City of San Francisco last month said on National Television that; We do not need a Military and What have they done for us in the last five years anyway?.

The gentleman at the coffee shop was very angry and told me that; San Francisco Girlie Men Overdue for Another Earthquake. And he also told me that he did not want any of his tax dollars to go for cleaning the place up. If the Girlie Men in San Francisco do not respect the military, then they can handle the rioting them selves, defend themselves and clean up their crap after themselves was the way he put it to me in the heated conversation.He was livid and upset and so are many Americans, who think that the United States Taxpayer should not have to pay for the rebuilding of San Francisco. He said that if they live in an Earthquake Zone, build stronger buildings, accept the risk or do not live there? Wow, I thought, actually he makes a good strong argument for both the liability risk of the taxpayer for both Los Angeles and San Francisco in the soon coming Earthquake. Consider all this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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