Romantic Gift Ideas

When Cupid strikes, gifts follow. That extra flutter, that veil of mystery? you just have to react. Whether in love for the very first time or celebrating strong relationships, romantic gifts come from within. It may be for your lover, family or friend-romance mirrors carnal, secure or truly sublime. You touch the clouds and shout, 'Wow!" Let your heart do the buying.For the dynamism of platonic or familial ties, gifts of the heart come easily.

You know the person and you know the value attached. Romancing the ride always enchants. Raindrops on roses or cats' whiskers apart, bake a cake, picnic together, do nature trips, league matches, ice cream and popcorn. Walk in the rain, pillow fight and tickle life silly.An affirmation of that spark within, romantic gifts reflect the age, experience and personality of the giver.

Love notes and poetry say it best for some, trinkets, tulips and perfume work for others. Amorous notes by email/mobile are a great kiss of surprise. Engravings, keepsakes, memorabilia spell forever.With its promise of eternity, romantic gifts also image the depth and commitment of relationships. An aphrodisiac that grows, romantic gifts take a whole new meaning, once it is "official".

The flood of teddy bears and chocolates (heart-shaped!) dances on to sensual erotica, spicing up gifts like only fantasy can.Unconditional love is perhaps the best romantic gift possible. But dead ends and tired minds surface at every turn. Jewelry, designer ware, wine, bed linen and Hawaii are the perfect triggers. Not to forget exclusive restaurants, music and serenading. It all depends on the mood, impulse and budget,.

I Love You, I Miss You, I Want You, You Make My World? the journey of romance never ends with a "happily ever after.".

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By: Kevin Stith


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