Personal Productivity Where it All Starts

Is personal productivity about -? getting more done in less time? And does this equally apply in any different situation? . Alright I couldn't hide the clue . But think about a teacher.The teacher, in the front of a classroom.

I'm picturing a woman, mid forty, someone with quite a lot of experience, friendly when possible, serious when required. Maybe you remember yourself in this classroom. Not all teacher were equally capable of handling difficult situations.

And how did you respond to this teacher and to others. What teachers did you really learn from?.We equally reward teachers whether they excel or not in teaching.

They do not get paid more for the preparation time they need and they reserve for each lesson. So . we equally under reward teachers. In the same way were we equally under reward housekeeping, parenting and other jobs that are necessary but not always fun to complete.But more important, about this teacher, is one teacher able to get more done in less time? And how do we measure this? How do we know that the average level of education is increasing or not each year? But indirectly, the society is affected by this educational level.As with the quantity and quality discussion, productivity has many different faces.

This one -- THE TEACHER -- just presented is one of them, that shows that productivity is not (only) about getting more done or about using palm and other technology to increase productivity.The first step in increasing productivity is to focus on the specifics of each productive role. Each role is unique and responds to different requirements.

2006 Hans Bool.

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By: Hans Bool


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