Online Dating The Dos and Donts of It

Alot of you have heard the term online dating I'm pretty sure, but what alot of people do not understand is the concept of it, and what to do, and not to do in an online relationship. In this article I will basically outline the pros and cons of it.Okay now to give you the Do's and Don't's of Online Relationships:.1. Always get to know the person before entering a relationship.

2. Make sure you are ready to jump into anything because even though it is online, it doesn't mean that feelings won't get hurt.3. Treat this relationship as if it were real life.4.

Before engaging in cybersex, cam sex, or phone sex make sure you are ready for it.5. If a person seems to good to be true then watch them closely, and make sure that they don't falter in what they told you initially.6.

Never give out your last name at first. Your real first name is fine, and not harmful.7. Before giving out your phone number to your partner ask yourself "if I give my phone number to him/her, and we break up, could he/she harass me over the phone afterwards?".8.

Remember that when you give out your address, or phone number that that person now has access to your personal information, and could use it against you if she/he wishes to do so.9. Alot of people that you come across on the internet are not what they seem to be when you meet them, and what I mean by that is they can lie about their age, gender, about them not being married, all sorts of stuff.10.

If you so ever come across trouble then change your nick, and don't go to the usual places that the person knows you go to. Also block their emails, and their messengers from getting to you.With those 10 steps I have barely covered the basis of online dating, but if you follow the structure of the 10 facts I gave you there will be a 99% chance that you won't ever get into trouble. I do want to say one last thing before I end this article, and that is that for each person you meet online, remember they are human beings just like you. They get hurt, fall in love, and all that stuff just like you do so take that into consideration before jumping into anything to lessen the chances of someone getting hurt.


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By: Kimberly Carter


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