Online Dating Advice Avoiding Internet Dating Pitfalls

Online dating advice is easy to give, but I've been amazed by how quickly most people forget the basic rules. I've been giving free online dating advice because I have two objectives ? to make sure you are successful with your online dating, and to make sure you stay safe.Below I've summarized my online dating advice in a handy list. Keep it close to your computer! If you follow these tips, you'll discover that your Internet dating experience will be more fruitful and you'll be safer.Write a Profile that's the Right Length.Too short (just a few sentences) and most people will think you didn't put serious thought into it; too long, and they may not read to the end.

Three paragraphs is a good length if you create an interesting snapshot of who you are. Mention some of your interests and past times. Observations such as "I'd love to travel to Europe sometime, but for now Italian restaurants give me a taste of what's to come," show that you're interesting and have a sense of humor.

Don't Reveal Personal Details.Never give away personal data like your last name, where you live or even where you work in your profile. It's too easy for someone to find you.

While most people online are well-adjusted individuals, you can never be too careful. Until you know someone very well, don't tell them more than they need to know. This is probably the most important online dating advice and safety tip of all ? meet someone for the first time in a public place. There's no leeway on this one ? it provides you an "out" if you need it.

Posting Your Photo.And consider this online dating advice: photos are the downfall of many people. One of the most common mistakes is posting a bad photo. You don't have to have a formal portrait done, but you should make sure the photo is a clear, close-up shot without others in the picture. Don't post a photo you obviously took of yourself with your computer cam late at night. Also don't post photos where your ex was obviously cut out of the picture.

Please, Please don't Grovel.I've read hundreds of profiles that have phrases like, "no games ? I've had enough of them," or "broken heart needs healed." This kind of stuff smacks of emotional baggage ? something no one wants to start a relationship having to cope with.Keep Your Initial Emails Friendly and Upbeat.No complaints about past relationships or how lonely you are.

Instead, make sure the other person sees you as someone who is complete and happy already. If they understand that you want to add someone special to an already fulfilling life, they will be drawn to you as someone who can enhance their own life.Be Honest about Yourself.

Don't forget this important online dating advice. Fudging the facts on income, what you do for a living or what you like to do, you'll only dig yourself into a hole. At some point the truth will come out, and you'll have way too much explaining to do.Be Truthful about What You're Looking For.

If you want a serious relationship, be honest so that you don't get involved with someone who is only looking for something casual. You'll get hurt and have wasted your own time and theirs. The same goes for the opposite scenario ? don't lead someone on if you know they're looking for true love but you just want someone to hang out with for a few months.Pick Up on the Other Person's Cues.As you move on to exchanging your actual email addresses or phone numbers, be sure to pick up on the other person's cues.

If he or she emails or calls and you have a great chat ? wonderful! Agree at the end of the conversation when you'd like to talk again and stick with it. Don't blow them off ? a sure sign you aren't reliable. On the other hand, don't call earlier or email too often ? clinging like that is a definite turn-off during what should be a cautious phase.

Do Your Homework.There are hundreds of dating websites available, and many sites cater to specific groups. If you want a Christian-based relationship, consider a Christian online dating site.

If you are looking for something that's purely physical, there are sites that focus on that as well. Don't just randomly pick a site. You may discover that it has lots of members, but not many who have anything in common with you.Finally, don't give up. The best online dating advice I can give is to be patient and try a few different online dating services. It may take some time to find the right person, but along the way you can make some great friends and have some fun.

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