Motivation The Key To Inner Peace

I've always been a motivational coach of sorts. I think I inherited that gene from my mother. My dad was a key contributor also. Heck, I've just had a charmed life!.You see, I was a military dependent.

I traveled the world. I experienced many cultures, many sports, many geographies, many challenges, and a great deal of luck. Now, you might ask yourself what all that has to do with motivation and I'm about to tell you.

I have seven Purple Hearts. I was on the National Ski Patrol. I played semi-pro baseball. I've seen the world. I used to swim and dive competitively. I've played with a famous Rock and Roll band.

I've owned a successful technology company. Yet, I've always felt that none of those things really mattered to people I had to interact with.I learned at an early age that helping other people achieve their dreams was more gratifying than anything I could ever achieve on my own. That belief actually helped me become a decent parent to my children.I wasn't always sure that this was an actual "skill" that someone could put on their resume but ultimately, it helped me become someone who can look at their children and say "gee, I helped mold that terrific person".

Now, how did I hone that skill? Well, I think back on all the "real" challenges I've had over the years. As an Infantry Officer, try "motivating" the smallest person in your Platoon during the Viet Nam war to become a "tunnel rat".As a business executive, try "motivating" a key employee NOT to take that "fat" offer from another company and continue to make outstanding contributions for your own company.Try to "motivate" a good friend who is "slightly" over weight to ultimately "fit" into a dress that was three sizes smaller than she was.Try to "motivate" a client (who was facing bankruptcy) to have faith your proposal to salvage their own financial future.

I've been able to solve these problems and many more by adhering to one key ingredient? always looking at things from the other person's point of view. Always ask yourself, if I were in their position, what would "motivate" me to achieve a goal that I really wasn't "sold" on.I've found that most people respond to the concept of "respect".

More than anything else, most people respond to another person's unfettered "belief" in them. If you truly convey your belief in someone else's ability, they can achieve almost anything.I've always known that my own skills and tenacity, logic, and belief in myself could help me achieve almost anything. But when you put that same energy into believing in someone else, you convey a power that is transformed from you to that person without that person even suspecting that they could ever fail at anything.The real key to "motivating" someone else is to believe in your own soul that this person can achieve greatness. Try it with your own kids? it really isn't that hard to do.

Then, you must convey that greatness in a way that doesn't appear condescending. Believe it yourself. Say it out loud so that the other person actually hears it. You'll be amazed at what your belief in other people's abilities can do!.Just think about your vision of any "successful" person you choose. It could be the President.

It could be Bill Gates. It could be a famous movie actor. It really doesn't matter.Now, ask yourself if that person really achieved their "greatness" all by themselves or did they have someone who served as their "motivator"? If you become that "motivator" for someone as "insignificant" as your own child, you may also create "greatness" some day.Not all of us are on this earth for the glory of being "great".

Most of us are here because we have the capacity to "motivate" others.Find a person who you believe in and help them achieve their greatness.Then, find someone who, at first, you don't believe in as much. Reach inside yourself and truly inspect that person's ability to achieve greatness. Then, "motivate" the heck out of that person until they finally realize that they too can achieve whatever they choose.If you can find it in yourself to be that unselfish, you too can achieve greatness.

Pat Kiggins
A Motivational Coach Extraordinaire!.If you would like to see how Pat motivates Veterans to start their own company and become successful, visit

.Pat is an accomplished business executive, a proud "Vetrepreneur" and an even prouder parent of four outstanding children. Visit http://www.veteranbusinessnews.

com to learn more about Pat and his service to our country.

By: Pat Kiggins


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