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Life is about changes. We dread change and embrace it at the same time. This article is about closure and making room for new things in your life. It will help you pack light as you continue throughout your life's adventures!.Our identities, how we perceive ourselves, and present ourselves to others, stem from life as we know it now. The job we have, the way our family life is made up, and the homes we live in are all extended parts of our psyche.

So are moods, emotions, even how we relate and talk to ourselves, these are all part of who we are in life at this very moment.Whenever we are faced with any sort of change, whether it's a job, or home, or inner/self changes, we have to let go of something old first. That also means releasing our identity created from that thing we are looking at leaving. Sometimes we think "Good Riddance" and are very happy to leave whatever it is we're making the change for and the part of us that was related to that thing. We move on easily and never ever look back.

More often though, we have become entrenched with that part of us that we are leaving. Usually it's the security and familiarity of what we are leaving, more than the thing we are leaving that is hardest to let go of.Taking some time to put away what you are leaving behind can allow you more freedom for opening your heart to something new. There are a million books and articles about getting over a relationship break-up.

Let's look at some of the other break-ups that happen in your life.Let's look at the chance that you are leaving your job or career. Update your resume right away while the duties and responsibilities are still fresh in your mind. Or, if you are retiring, burn your resume; you'll no longer need it! Request a special lunch on the last day to effectively say good-bye to your coworkers.

Even if you will be socializing with them on a personal level later, making this special time will help you say good-bye to work as you know it and the routine you were used to when you were there.Even if you are leaving work with bad feelings, perhaps you were downsized or fired, there still might be coworkers that you can make sure and thank for whatever they did to make your work environment better for you. Keep your head up and bite your tongue about anything that is not in your best personal issue to address. You don't want to have anything haunting you when the initial feelings of hurt and anger begin to cool off. Leave the job and close the door. This part of your life is over.

Now, if you're moving, you might want to thank your neighbors if they were good neighbors for you. Clean the house or apartment thoroughly to remove the energies that have lingered from your time within the walls. Complete change of address forms before you move; you can pick those up at the Post Office, or buy a nice set of note cards for this.

That way you'll get used to attaching yourself to your new address and begin to leave your identity with your old address behind.What if it's an inner change? Maybe you want to move on from old harmful patterns such as negative thought patterns or playing the victim of your life's circumstances. (Congratulations for finding things that no longer serve you and your willingness to replace them with healthier habits!) Please note that the habits you are letting go of are habits you chose because something about them served you in your life. Take some time and write about what you are letting go of. Write about how the negative habit impacted your life, what lessons you have learned from it, why you are letting it go. Then take the letter and burn it as a final farewell.

Please make sure you are safe about burning it.When you have effectively put away and said good-bye to what you are leaving behind you are free to move on to new life's adventures! Keep your eyes forward and take your time acclimating to what is new in your life. Even the best of life's changes can be scary or stressful and might seem overwhelming at times. It's okay to feel all of those feelings.

Make sure and talk with others and take it easy on yourself. Give yourself small treats and breaks along the way towards whatever change it is that you are making. Soon that change will be "old news" and you will be looking at another new change. Life is a wonderful adventure that way!.The last tip I'll leave you with is never underestimate what your tomorrows may bring. Remember this when you are faced with leaving other things behind, you might be more than pleasantly surprised! If you need help letting go of things, or would like tips more specific to changes you are making in your own life, please email me at anytime!.

.Tracy Togliatti is a Registered Reiki Master through the Global Reiki Association and an Energy Psychology Practitioner. Tracy is also acting Director of, where she offers a Free Advice service and free email Reiki lessons. You may contact her anytime here http://www.

By: Tracy Togliatti


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