League of Nations United Nations and the Time for a New Team

After the first world war many world leaders got together and the decided that something needed to be done about all this unnecessary bloodshed. Their answer was to form the League of Nations and indeed that didn't solve the problem indefinitely, however it was a good start as well as the learning process and it did solve the problem for a while.After the second world war many world leaders got together and decided something needed to be done about all the unnecessary bloodshed. Their answer was to form the United Nations and indeed although it did not solve the problem indefinitely it prevented another world war from happening.

And it was in another good plan the continuing effort to prevent world war, however it did not solve the problem indefinitely.Now then, I ask you do we need world war 3 so we can repeat history and still not solve our problems? Or can we take the United Nations and reshape it into something that works again? Do we need to start over works can we make some reforms which deal with the ongoing national security problems that all countries face. Can we, will we commit to working together for a common cause for the world over or are we to face world war 3 due to our own negligence and inability to work together as a whole of humanity?.The reason I bring this point up to you today is because I see the world and many Nations and busy taking sides and choosing teams in yet another Machiavellian power play, as we label each other evil. It seems that the forward progression of mankind is at stake. Do we press on into the future or are we simply doomed to repeat.

I would like to leave the thought with you today and that is a call for a world of franchising system where each nation is in business for itself but not by itself. But rather with a team of other nations old bound together in a common cause and a single simple, easy to define mission statement. I sincerely hope that you'll understand how important this is in why it must take priority.

Let's not wait for world war 3 so many world leaders can come together and decide something needs to be done about all the unnecessary human bloodshed. My name is Lance Winslow and I thank you for listening. It's.

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By: Lance Winslow


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