Lance Rants on Comments that the US Created Saddam as a Tyrant

Many complain that Saddam was created by the United States, that we armed him, trained him and helped build his army to attack the former Iranian Regime. So in some regards the comments about Saddam's rise to power are being taken into consideration from a hindsight standpoint and for future consideration in supporting other regimes and governments.The US did support Saddam at one time and Saddam got mad when he was not able to further negotiate his strength after we helped him into power. So the Kuwaitis drilled side-ways into what he believed to be a portion of what he consider his underground oil reserves, not that he did not already have enough.

Saddam was also was aware of the history when Kuwait was part of Iraq.Saddam attacked Kuwait, big mistake. The US did support Saddam during the Iran/Iraq war, but this was long before he killed all those Kurds and attacked Kuwait with the fifth largest army of the time. Because the United States Government once supported Saddam is not a sufficient reason to condemn the US for the way Saddam acted later or why he is in trouble and on trial for his life today.

For someone to claim that we have no business in requesting regime change today in Iran because we once many decades ago supported Saddam, is hogwash. The Iranian leadership is fanatical and a fundamentalist problem. The Iranian Leadership sponsors international terrorism and is sending insurgents into Iraq. Not to mention they wish to now build nuclear weapons. Consider this in 2006.

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By: Lance Winslow


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