Illegal Aliens in Los Angeles at Car Washes

Why do Illegal Aliens come to America? Well, many come for the higher pay and send money back to their families at home. But how much more money do they really make if they are exploited by ruthless employers? Well even when exploited they can often make up to five to eight times what they could make in Mexico. Nevertheless there is an ethics issue with the employers who hire them as well as well as the illegal aliens who come into our country. Breaking the first law as they enter.Even so in many jurisdictions authorities are fighting back.

And you would think that carwashes who do business right out in the open would indeed be weary of hiring illegal aliens. But often they are not as patrons look the other way even though they know that their local carwashes are breaking the law.

Recently their have been a number of high profile busts in the car wash industry and quite frankly I think it is great. Because if the car wash industry cannot handle their own and allow this, then we as a citizenry must take action. The largest car wash chain in America was recently busted at only 4 locations and the authorities netted 56 illegal aliens. Imagine how many are being used and exploited in the entire chain? Consider this in 2006.

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