Hurricanes and Organizing

Well, here we are in the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and as you know it comes every single year, yet some people say they have not prepared themselves for the catastrophic hurricanes which may occur. It is not as if they didn't know about this 10 years ago; so, why has it taken so long? I fear that many people are so disorganized that they simply are not ready when the mandatory evacuations are called and people are told to leave.Part of preparing for the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season is being organized and having all your items in place, so you can pick up and leave quickly.

Those that leave first have a better chance of getting out of the area without been stuck in a traffic jam which takes 30 hours to go 100 to 200 miles away.If you want to avoid the destruction and devastation that is caused by Atlantic tropical large category and catastrophic hurricanes then you need to plan ahead and be organized to prevent hardships and maintain safety for your family and your self.There is no better reason to get organized than a large category hurricane. May I please ask what you were waiting for? You must get organized and think in advance of all the possible things you will need to do to protect yourself and your family and your property. Please consider this 2006.

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