How to Prevent Online Dating Failures

You may hear loads about people who have met their soul mate online, either though a matching service or in a chat room. Less often do you hear about people who go on dates from online services and fail at love. More often than not, singles are falling into the second category. Of course, no one wants to talk about dating failures!.

If you have dated a few people from the Web and have not met anyone you connect with, you should try to think of ways you can prevent online dating failures. The first thing you should do is limit the people you date. You should not date every single person who contacts you through a dating online service.

You have to be choosy! Only agree to meet those who you seem to really have a connection with. Dating people you know it would never work out with is just a waste of your time.One way you can be sure you have a connection with your dates is by corresponding via email and on the phone before meeting. When you talk on the phone, you should really be able to see if you two hit it off.

Keep in mind that first conversations can be a little awkward, but otherwise things should flow well.

.Peter Portero is an online dating counselor and helps men find the foreign women of their dreams. His articles and postings can be found at lovesemora.

By: Peter Portero


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