Eat When Hungry and Sleep When Tired

They say; he who lives by the clock dies by the clock and many cardiologists believe this to be so, but why you ask? It is because in our chaotic world we keep schedules and we worry about getting things done, we often stress out over things are really not been important and his causes health problems.In a perfect world, you would sleep when you're tired and eat when you're hungry. Your circadian rhythm, which regulates your body would alert you to win you're tired, and you would feel tired and then fall sleep. When your body has run out of nutrients, your stomach will growl and alert you use targets of the eat.The problems that occur often happened because we're so busy involved in our routines, schedules and events that our body gets off cycle and in doing so we add more stress to our bio system.

When you're young that is much easier to handle, yet as you get older is much harder to take.If we could actually eat when were hungry and sleep when we get tired, we would lead much healthier and happier lives. I have saying this from experience, having worked solid with no days off usually 17 hours a day running my own business for 27 years straight.Now in my retirement I live life different, as I keep no schedule, I have no bedtime and I don't even have to get up the morning if I don't want to.

Because now I sleep when I'm tired no matter what time it is and I eat when I'm hungry no matter where I am or what time of day it is. I think you should try it. Consider this in 2006.


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