Chew Your Cabbage Twice

Have you noticed how often speakers and lecturers say, "I'm going to repeat that" or "I'll say that again" or "That's right ? repeat ?" ?.You've thought, "Gee, she sure likes to repeat herself." or, "Yea, I get it. That's the third time.".Accidental?.

Not really!.You see folks, speakers, teachers and trainers know how human memory retention works: repetition is a valuable tool."Repetition is the mother of learning".Again: "Repetition is the mother of learning.

".One more time, "Repetition is the mother of learning.".

Children learn through repetition and adult learning is no different.Statistics prove, when you've heard something three times or more you'll remember 80 to 85 %. That's right friend, you'll likely remember 80 to 85 % of what you've heard three times or more! That compares with less than 20 % of what you've heard only once.

And, if you see it in writing (on a slide for example) and write it down (take notes), you'll retain it for a much longer time.So to repeat; if you hear something three times, write it down and review your notes, chances are "You've got it". Long term. It's yours!.Valuable? Not really. Unless:.

You want to experience an incredible memory improvement!.You want to remember more of what you hear at a seminar.You want people to remember more of what you say to them.You just want to be more effective in what you do and how you interrelate with others.You just want to feel good about yourself.And about what you do.

And about how much impact you have on other people's lives.Now you've got it!.Repetition can help you to have a greater impact on the lives of people you interact with!.

.Len McNally has been involved in people development, self help and coaching for many years.

To learn more visit adult learning and memory retention today Early in 2006 Len McNally's book Acres of Diamonds Revisited was published by Authorhouse. As a follow up Len's new ezine Acres of Diamonds Revisited will continue on many years of coaching, motivating, and mentoring people to become everything nature intended them to be.Article Source:


By: Len McNally


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