I Ching Reading for the First Insight - The First Insight from James Redfield?s Celestine Prophecy says that people are increasingly feeling that there must be more to life, and that the signs that there is more come as synchronicities.

Dana Reeve Widow of Christopher Reeve Has Died of Lung Cancer - Dana Reeve, the widow of Christopher Reeve who came to prominence as Superman, has succumbed to lung cancer.

Iran Continues to Threaten Economic Warfare - Iran is moving ahead with its plans to build nuclear weapons and has already purchased many 36 foot missiles which are long range and can reach most all of Asia and Europe even though they have already proclaimed Israel as their fist target statin.

Dont Scrimp on the Small Stuff - While we've all heard the expression "don't sweat the small stuff," I recently had an experience that reminded me that it doesn't pay to scrimp on the small stuff.

Healing Secrets to Receiving - I have been interested in the topic of healing for nearly 40 years.

Youre Just Not ConvertedYep Thats Your Problem - Occurring within all religions, the phenomenon called "conversion" is, in reality, nothing more than mind-control, programming, or brainwashing to achieve the desired compliance.

The Power Of Your Thoughts - Throughout the ages mankind has attempted to control his world around him by many different means.

Ways To Suddenly Be In A Class By Yourself - It?s really so easy to distinguish yourself, that it?s amazing.

Ham - I am cursed.

Its Gods Battle - "Do not be afraid or discouraged because of this vast army.

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